When big things come in small packages…

we are surprised. We are also surprised when a little information turns out to be more than what we bargained for especially if it is “all good.” 

Prarthana Banikya (photo provided)
Prarthana Banikya thrilled us with her elegant and graceful poetry in aaduna’s spring 2016 anniversary issue.  A few weeks ago, she told us what she has been up to while doubting if we would be interested in sharing her update with you.  Translation: she is quite humble.

Now stay with me as I pave the path…smallness does often lead to bigger things.

Well, our sisterfriend Prarthana is currently taking a course in poetry writing from the London School of Journalism.  She is also exploring other forms of writing and experimenting with personal essays.  Now, if that info was the small package, an excerpt of her recent unpublished poem is up on her blog, http://prarthanabanikya.blogspot.com/ and is titled “Letters from Ziro.” 


The poem and the blog constitute the big package.   

Don’t think so?

Check the blog out from top to bottom, and if it is not chock full of pleasantries, take me to task for hoodwinking you.  Betcha you can’t!

Oh, her colleagues at aaduna like her cool “head” gear on her blog photo.

 *   *   *
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  1. Great goin banikya! cheers! wud love to read ur stuff too other than poetry..good luck with that n the writing course..


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