One enchanting evening...

O’Brien and I were watching a documentary on ESPN, grainy, black and white footage of baseball’s greatest sluggers, when he decided that we should steal Ted Williams’ head….

“What would we do with it?” I asked….

O’Brien stared at me, his arm raised, beer suspended in air, inches short of his mouth. “We’d bury it, stupid. In Fenway. In left field where he played.”

And then we were off; jubilantly rounding the bases as if we had just collectively hit a grand slam homerun. Every member of the audience, hands on one enormous bat, legs churning around the diamond, pounding high fives and slapping butts. Imagery has its purpose while being a unique platform for multi-layered weaving of reality. In truth…that feeling is jubilant! 

Stephen G. Eoannnou, featured writer/word, revisited reads an excerpt from his book, "Muscle Cars," at the Cayuga Museum Carriage House Theater in Auburn, NY

Last night, Stephen G. Eoannou graced the podium at The Carriage House Theater and brought a lyricism and amusing comedic touches to his featured reading as part of “word, revisited’s 2018 Season Two. A Buffalo resident and champion of that city’s citizenry and their unique and poignant stories, Eoannou read from his story, “Stealing Ted Williams’ Head,” which is part of a larger collection titled, Muscle Cars.

Opening his talk with a relaxed, laid back style, Stephen articulated the critical importance of never giving up one’s dream or goal. In subtle testimony, he witnessed and embraced his path as he transitioned from being an embryonic writer through to emerging status and then reaching the established writer plateau. And as he transitioned to reading his story, the passages resembled the game itself…purposeful drama, exhilaration, fan joy, and 7th inning stretches of understanding of consequences. Soft laughter and suppressed raucousness permeated Eoannou’s reading.

Interestingly, Stephen does not plan to rest in a singular place, and is moving forward his literary goals during 2018. Simply stated, Eoannou is coming at you…again…sooner than later….novels this time, each with its own “grain of truth,” a platform he uses to construct his themes and plot.

As the evening’s serenity settled over the Carriage House audience, they exhibited a gracious friendliness, and welcoming spirit, and embraced Stephen’s words as he wrapped his story in wit, charm, and clarity of expression. The Q&A was a genial conversation between audience and reader where Stephen offered back-drops to his story and the process of writing. 

bill berry, Jr. Publisher/aaduna and Stephen G. Eoannou

After a brief intermission, the open mic segment of the evening jumped off with poignant tales, life scenarios and universal experiences expressed through poetic expressions. 

Front Row/left to right: Jeffrey Paul Horn, (open mic), Raymond Remu, (open mic), Heidi Nightengale, (open mic), Ron Van Nostrand, Publisher, Olive Trees/co-sponsor Word, Revisited, Eileen McHugh, Executive Director/Cayuga Museum, co-sponsor, Word, Revisted.  Back Row/left to right:  bill berry, Jr., Publisher, aaduna/co-sponsor Word, Revisited, Rachael Ikins (open mic), Karen Faris (open mic), Jennifer Maloney (open mic), Donny Alger (open mic), Stephen G. Eoannou, featured writer, Word, Revisited.

Ron Van Nostrand started things off followed by Karen Faris, Rachael Ikins, Raymond Remu, Heidi Nightengale, Jennifer Maloney, Jeffrey-Paul Horn with closing by Donny Alger. 

It was a good night!

Ron Van Nostrand, Publisher/Olive Trees; Co-sponsor word, revisited

Karen Faris, Open Mic

Rachael Ikins, Open Mic

Raymond Remu, Open Mic

Heidi Nightengale, Open Mic

Jennifer Maloney, Open Mic

Jeffrey Paul Horn, Open Mic

Donny Alger, Open Mic


word, revisited” is exclusively sponsored by Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Olive Trees, and aaduna every 2nd and 4th Thursday through mid-June in the museum’s Carriage House Theater, Auburn, NY. Open mic sign-up starts at 5:30 PM with the evening starting at 6. A cash bar is available for wine, beer, soft drinks, water, and snacks. Admission is $3/person and all proceeds go to and benefit the museum. 


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