Rastas and Touching Gently in the time of Covid -19

As aaduna prepares to present its special 2020 double issue in the next few weeks (May/June 2020 issue,*) we plan to accelerate our presentation of snippets or excerpts from the creatives whose words and images will define that issue. You may want to periodically check this blog for other writers, poets and visual artists whose work will grace that double issue. You may discover words or images that brighten your day or prompt you to reflect on a life issue left unresolved.

Clive Uckfield (photo provided)

Here is a brief excerpt from Clive Uckfield’s “Empire of the White Rastas”

It was around the time I lost my parents that the first message came. It was midnight and I must have fallen asleep reading a paperback when I was awakened by a ping from my mobile. My bedside lamp was still on and the book I had been reading laid open on the floor.
            Instinctively, I remember reaching out for my mobile, flicking the message up as my eyes adjusted to the light. The words read “We are the King of Kings, the Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, descendent of King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba.” Shocked & bewildered I can recall reading the text message repeatedly, “We are the King of Kings, the Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, descendent of King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba.

Uckfield’s story will delight readers of history, suspense, mystery and ‘what ifs.’


Cherish Collins (Photo credit:  Ralph Harden)

Cherish Collins will bring readers a compelling story titled “Only Touch Me Gently.” Here is the opening to her poignant story.

You never really knew what it felt like to fall.
It happens too slowly. You forget your feet. They've shifted, slipped, run. The floor is lava. Everything is moving but you can't see it. Objects are moving so quickly but you are moving in slow motion. You’ve never noticed that there's time when falling. There is so much time; to catch yourself, decide: protect your body. Feel the weight of your body. Finally know what 125 pounds feels like - understand gravity. Protect your face but it burns, stings. It's already damaged. You remember that the floor is not lava. You never really knew what it felt like to fall; to be pushed from your feet; to feel the hand; then the fall. And then the floor.


* aaduna is an exclusively volunteer-driven staffed and global journal. During this period of world-wide COVID-19, we remain keenly sensitive to the time commitments of volunteers as they grapple with personal, family and life issues associated with this global pandemic. While every step will be implemented to stay on our publication timeframe, delays may be predicated by the impact of this disease or an overloaded Internet. Contributors will be advised accordingly or there will be updates posted on www.aadunanotes.blogspot.com. We appreciate your understanding.

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