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Air Force One climbed into the sky bringing a quiet end to a tumultuous episode in America’s geo-political and social/cultural legacy. As the 46th president-elect and exemplary, history-making  vice president-elect stand ready to take the oath of office, there is an emerging hope and expectation that the worse days of the ongoing American experiment in democracy is over. 

Think again.

As avowed white supremacists, Nazi oriented and maniac insurrectionists caused a lockdown of Washington, DC, their presence like Covid 19 will continue to permeate American thought. Far too many Americans continue to hold allegiance to a 45th president who had a callous disregard for them, as well as those ideals creative people hold dear…articulating individual and collective truth and the expansion of a creative intellect. Unfortunately, these millions of Americans do not hold dear racial and social equity under the law or that there should be an acceptance of an America based on its actual history without falsifying its integrity and acceptance with an honest understanding of American failures, falsehoods and foibles in leadership.

aaduna through its actions and publications will remain steadfast to its principles of providing a platform for multi-cultural and diverse voices whose literary and visual art expands our sense of self, our thoughts, aspirations, and willingness to be a vital part of the global community we all exist in. And we will always strive to bring truth to power.

Stay creative.



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