Tantalize Your Senses…Spoken Word, Poetry and Art

Words have a fluency and lilting quality that illuminates the consciousness when properly aligned and crafted.  Art takes us from the realm of the ordinary to the frontiers of imagination and wonderment.  Persecution Avenue and Chrystal Berche understand how to elicit magic that sparks the human spirit and impels us to think through what we feel after reading and/or experiencing art.

Persecution Avenue bobs and weaves his words similar to a cagey, seasoned prize-fighter who knows when to jab and when to float, when to throw the hook and when to rest on the ropes…here is a brief, teaser excerpt from his piece, “This Little City

This little city, my little city with the siren soundtrack:
where the B-more Black- birds smoke and mirrors lend the opium outcasts a purple hue; the opaque outrage at the state of the avenue.
A city again lost when they lose and so we choose to get tossed
 in the latent lavender suited lies of our pink politicians.
Forgetting their triple bra platform;
 are Sheila’s shopping habits the only notable mention?

How ‘bout the corner at,
 right near where I was born at,
the heads said the funk was never wack,
 “bad boy out” still echoes on the corner of Myrtle and Lafayette.

artwork by Chrystal Berch, aaduna contributing artist & poet (c) 2014

Chrystal Berche is nighttime stardust that coats and oozes into our being when we least expect it. Poet, visual artist, and purveyor of creative ideas and artistic designs, Ms. Berche brings her words and art to aaduna.  We are grateful for both.  Here is a snippet from her poem from “Until the End 

Sometimes it’s the first few notes of a piano played with nimble fingers
ivory keys that shatter the calm of a lonely drive on a winter’s day
the sky dark while I rage and pound the steering wheel
remembering the moment I heard the words telling me you were gone.

Sometimes it’s the first few cords wrung with heartrending beauty
from a black and silver guitar like the one that you used to play while I lay beside you
lost in a world only we could know, clinging to one another
wishing the whole world would fade away


Persecution Avenue’s “This Little City” has a lot more for you to read.

Chrystal Berche has another poem in addition to “Until the End” plus she has work on exhibit in one of the aaduna galleries. 

Avenue and Berche…coming soon…Volume 4, No. 2…summer 2014 issue.