aaduna welcomes spring by sharing with you...

Spring has sprung!  Meet Ivan de Monbrison and Shelby Settles Harper, aaduna contributors featured in our upcoming Winter/Spring 2014 issue.

Artist, Ivan de Monbrison’s work bristles with innovation, intelligence and subtle nuances.  His work requires a second contemplative look to appreciate how he easily juxtaposes diverse imagery into an elegant scene.  His work challenges and places you in the vortex of his imagination.  His latest works will grace the Kuta Gallery in the winter/spring 2014 issue and you will be able to observe how his poetry frames the visual acuity of his artistic projects. Here is an image from his forthcoming exhibition in aaduna:
"eyes in the sky," Ivan de Monbrison, digital work, Paris 2013 (c)


Shelby Settles Harper (photo provided)
“Peyote Spirit” is Shelby Settles Harper’s fiction contribution in the next issue.  She weaves words and images into a literary fabric that gets better with each read.  Here is an opening teaser from her story:

When I first arrived on the rez I tried to out-Indian all the other Indians in Window Rock.  I told the most jokes, grew my hair long, and let the desert sun darken my skin until I was damn near the same shade as the Navajos I ran with.  I don’t know if I drank the most beer, but I sure tried. 
            A buddy of mine from the Army – a broad-shouldered, 6’5 Navajo we all called Shorty – got me a job working with him at the BIA.  I easily fell in with him and his friends, and a few nights a week we’d pile in Shorty’s beat-up 1966 Impala, headed for the bars in Gallup.  There was a strip along the highway that led into town and served, along with an assortment of bikers and Mexicans, Indians fleeing dry reservations.    

Want more? 

Well, Shelby's complete “Peyote Spirit” story will be coming at you in a few weeks along with Ivan's exhibition.  Watch this blog for the official launch date. 

And, at that point, you will get more Harper and de Monbrison. 
For sure!