Madison and Roche return to aaduna with new work for the winter/spring 2014 Third Anniversary Issue…coming soon.

Tamara J. Madison

Tamara J. Madison returns to aaduna after an impressive 2013. Her seminal work, “Kentucky Curdled…poetry & essay” was published in print, as well as a poetry audiobook, which is available at She also launched TamTalk!!!, her weekly newsletter of creative inspiration & motivation reachable via her website. Never one to rest on her laurels, Tamara is currently working on a new manuscript and in her words, engaged in “REVISONS, REVISIONS, REVISION!”

Two of her works will grace the winter/spring 2014 issue, “Ode to the Breast” and “soul poetica.” Make sure you read them.


Tamara J. Madison, M.F.A.

Writer, Poet, Performer, Creative Consultant,
Creator of TamBiz!!! and TamTalk!!!

Order Kentucky Curdled or Collard County, a collection of short stories or her solo album of performance poetry, “Naked Voice.” Her works make excellent gifts. See her website for further information.


Always the provocateur, David H. Roche continues to use his photography skills and creative sensibilities to capture visual moments that make you pause and reflect. A premier issue aaduna contributor, David has harnessed a new portfolio of characters/images called “Fire People.” Developed from photographs and his imagination, this portfolio features two image favorites, “Jack” and “Qkjea.” You must check out his new work in the Borders Gallery in the winter/spring 2014 issue.

David also captures the spirit of the Seasons through his photographic work. Here is an example:

"Wycoff Road" David H. Roche, Photographer

If you can’t wait for the next issue, which should launch in a few weeks, check out David’s other work:

Truckin' My Blues Away (Blog photography, poetry and social commentary)

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