We are pleased to announce that we launched the fall-winter 2014 issue just a few minutes ago.  While the dynamics associated with this issue were challenging and prompted us to re-think some administrative protocols and processes, the cooperative effort (and I mean that literally) between aaduna staff and issue contributors overshadowed any adverse obstacles.

We are thankful for what the contributors have brought to this issue, as well as their support for the Mission that we still exemplify and follow.  We are aaduna!

So as I sit here sipping champagne, munching on Brie placed over poppy & sesame thin savoury crackers, I am mindful of the hard work of Lisa Brennan, who once again brought vision to the issue, as well as the significant work of Tim Ogene, Pamela Havens, Rosemary Blake, the rascally Keith Leonard, and the often overlooked ever anonymous Info staff.  They are aaduna.

And to the contributors... It is your words and images that aaduna continues to present to the public and in doing so, provides some measure of satisfaction, understanding, and hope.  You are aaduna.

To our supporters and readers, we thank you. You are aaduna.

While I have written too much, I invite you to visit



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