Ours is not a Fantasy Team…

Ours is the real thing.  Here is our line-up of “players” for the fall-winter 2014 issue.

 Crossing the Goal Line Poetry:

Julie Ascarrunz
Out of Lafayette, CO founded in 1878 by Mary Miller…Yes, a woman founder back then… raise your hands for the person and contemporary and captivating spirit of 
Julie Ascarrunz
- Requiem, at a Loss
- aubade: oh! Love
- Stand Your Ground”

William Bretton Hodge
From the town of Fortville, IN incorporated as a town in 1865; originally called Walpole, and then named for Cephus Fort, the original owner of the town site, here is first draft pick and potential rookie MVP
William Bretton Hodge
- I am Forgotten

fox e. law
Coming at you from Victoria, Australia, ‘Vic” is Australia's most densely populated state and its second-most populous state overall. Most of its population is concentrated in the area surrounding Port Phillip Bay, which includes the metropolitan area of its capital and largest city, Melbourne. Give a welcome hoot and a holler for
fox e. law
- Cuban Dance Night
- Drink Me
- What I See

Bobbie Panek
Re-appearing for her second time, out of Auburn, NY, All-Pro and featured reader at aaduna’s first Auburn Harlem Renaissance themed fundraiser at Theater Mack, Cayuga Museum in 2014, give it up for  
Bobbie Panek
- Mah Jongg
- Millennium in the Sea of Cortez
- Anahit’s Kitchen

Known as the "Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal" and named one of Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" in 2005, from the Village of Fairport, NY wave your towels for
- Covenant

Jennifer Wolfe
From the place you now know and love, out of Shakopee, MN, put your hands together for
Jennifer Wolfe
- The Moon I
- Motherchild
- To The Men and Women in the 3rd Ring of the 7th Circle of Hell

Never failing to gain the  two-point conversion for the overtime win, Fiction special team members are:

Kenneth G. Gary, Sr.
Out of Dallas, TX the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States with Dallas serving as the main core of the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States that lacks any navigable link to the sea, we give you the gracious
Kenneth G. Gary, Sr.
- Grandma’s Tales
- The Cruise Ship

William Bretton Hodge
Returning for another assignment, the all-team favorite for rookie of the year,
William Bretton Hodge
- Speak No More

Kathryn Kruse
On the Pacific Ocean side of the US, from San Francisco (Spanish for "Saint Francis",) founded on June 29, 1776, when colonists from Spain established a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for St. Francis of Assisi a few miles away, get out of your seats for Kat, more formally known as  
Kathryn Kruse
- Rashad Sees the Future

Dietra Reid
Out of Baltimore, MD, the largest city in the State of Maryland, the largest independent city in the United States, the former home (way back in the day) of aaduna’s publisher, and home to interesting and intriguing museums, stand up and cheer for
Dietra Reid
- Restricted Area
- An Experiment

For kicking game winning long range field goals 100% of the time, give a rousing welcome to the visual artists holding down the Galleries:

Enrico Gaveglia

From the capital and largest city of Cambodia, located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River, Phnom Penh has been the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia, and has grown to become the nation's center of economic and industrial activities, as well as the center of security, politics, cultural heritage, and diplomacy of the country. Give an aaduna welcome to
Enrico Gaveglia    (Penalver Gallery)

Featured Artwork:
1.      Bully (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, New York, 2012);
2.      Candy (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, Sri Lanka 2013);
3.      Color Cage (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, Qatar 2012);
4.      Drops (© kikotneroad.wordpress.com, Sketches 2014);
5.      Famine (© kikotneroad.wordpress.com, Sketches 2014);
6.      Fishbowl (© kikotneroad.wordpress.com, Sketches 2014);
7.      Knowledge (© kikotneroad.wordpress.com, Sketches 2014);
8.      Light Trajectory (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, Qatar 2012);
9.      Robolao (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, Laos PDR, 2014).
10.  Sarajevo (© kikotneroad.wordpress.com, Sketches 2014);
11.  What if Mars (© kikontheroad.wordpress.com, Sudan 2009);

Ernest Williamson III, PhD

Coming at you out of Columbia, the state capital and largest city in South Carolina, give a raucous welcome to returning aaduna contributor in poetry and seasoned literary pro, The Doctor…
Ernest Williamson III, PhD                 (Borders Gallery)

Featured Artwork:

Old Lady with the Black Eye (2014)
Seeping Faces (2014)
Seeing Double (2014)
Twisted (2014)
Party of Two (2014)
The New Buddhist (2014)
In and Out of Squares (2014)
Artist Delving into Her Craft (2013)
Between Jazz, The Blues (2013)
The Falling Away (2013)
In Conversation with My Art (2013) 
The Classical Dancer (2013)
And for the Mind (2013)
The Giving of Genius (2013)
World Peace Held (2013)
Faith and the Picasso Factor (2013)

Well, this is our team, and in the spirit of the national title for college football and the National Football League’s divisional playoffs, we freely used football references to celebrate and recognize pending aaduna contributors without prodding and compensation from professional football people.

The fall-winter 2014 issue is gearing for an all out blitz.  Give us a day or two.

We will sack you!