To try to publish or not…Duh? That is not even the question.

aaduna continues to pride itself on providing a publication platform for emerging writers and especially those creative folks who have not been published. Now, this position is not to suggest that we only publish emerging or new writers or that we consider non-publication as a factor in assessing work under our read and review protocols. In fact, we have had people submit work to us at the point where they have never been published, and by the time we seek to publish their work, a colleague publication has bestowed “published writer/poet” on those individuals before us. While we are disappointed when that scenario plays out, we understand that submitting work is a daunting, as well as fear-driven and anxiety ridden task. In addition to what the submitter experiences, all too often, “author publication fears” serve as the primary obstacle that limits the public’s eventual access to new, intriguing and inspiring work. And that is why Michael Mohr’s recent published piece is very important and a worthwhile and compelling read.

Michael Mohr (photo provided)

Mohr contributed two essays to aaduna’s winter-spring 2015 issue. But the purpose of this post is to encourage you to read his piece in the July 14, 2016 MASHstories edition. The title of his piece…”Understanding Literary Rejection” is a primer to those aspiring writers, emerging creative folk, and others that puts, in appropriate perspective, the publication process and why aspiring writers need to place their work into the dynamic vortex of external review. Please…

Enjoy Michael’s perspective, and if you want more of his unique analyses, please check out his essay, “Are You a Writer or an Author” in aaduna’s winter-spring 2015 issue.  Here is a brief excerpt from that particular Mohr piece:

Sitting at a round table at the front of the stage in Peacock Court, I turn around, gulping, and face her, face the woman who represents the separation between being a writer and being an author; between being successful and falling face-first on literary concrete; between signing a three book deal with Harper Collins and trying to self-publish my novel: the woman who has the ability to change my whole life.
            The woman I’m referring to is literary agent Elizabeth Kracht. The venue I’m referring to is The 2013 San Francisco Writers Conference.
            President’s Day Weekend I got up ridiculously early, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and left my studio apartment in the East Bay to trek across that hallowed body of water which divides Berkeley from San Francisco, to show up with 350 other writers and attend panels, talks, keynote speeches, classes, and, of course, Agent Speed Dating.
            A writer’s conference is terrifying. Editors, publishers and agents representing many, many firms are present. It is your job as a writer to approach these devils of industry and convince them to want your prospective project. Mine is a 60,000 word debut YA (Young Adult) novel which is somewhere between The Basketball Diaries and Dead Poets Society, mixed up with a good pinch of The Catcher in the Rye. Sound cliché and perhaps beating-a-dead-horse-ish? Well, it’s not. There’s a twist. The story is told through a protagonist neck-deep in punk rock rebellion; existential angst; intellectual questioning. Oh, Jesus: I’m pitching the novel to my reader. Christ! That’s what happens when the conference begins to infiltrate your mind.

That excerpt is from aaduna

Now, go to MASHstories for Michael Mohr’s latest essay, and reflect on “Understanding Literary Rejection.”  Share it with other aspiring writers.  There is no question about that action on your part.  No question.

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