Exquisiteness in the line

I suspect paintings and drawings start out with the simplicity of the line.  That demarcation that kicks-off the journey; a suggestion of what is to come; the essence of the idea that continues to germinate in the artist’s mind; the guidepost to a visual manifestation.

The line.

Subtle, eloquent, form in its simplicity.  The line.

I often wonder what the “trained eye” sees that eludes most of us.  The minutia in the details…the angles, curves, swirls, and yes, the elegance.  And yet the “casual eye” is the portal to the observers’ soul, the chord that holds true to our wonderment when we see something that moves us.  Captures our spirit.  And the totality of our being is better off for that experience.      

And then when “the line” intersects, meets, challenges, and complements “the word,” there is magic. 

There is synchronicity. 

There is Marianic and Jean-Pierre Parra.

Marianic Parra (photo provided)
Jean-Pierre Parra (photo provided)

Residing in Béziers (France,) The Parras take lines and words and weave both distinct entities into multi-hued artwordwork that entices the eye and the mind.  You are drawn into their world of endearment and form, of graciousness, and generosity of the spirit.   

In the summer 2016 issue of aaduna, we will present “Silence unguarded – Declinations 2016,” paintings and drawings by Marianic Parra, text by Jean-Pierre Parra, translated from French to English by Claire Zoe Waldman; “Variations 2015” and Jean-Pierre’s poem “In the distress without border (Brussels)”

Here is a small example of what is to come:

Variations I


you move
in the gap
between all lines
the shadows that hide life

(c) 2016 Artist, Marianic Parra

Watch for this dynamic duo in aaduna's summer issue scheduled to launch at the end of this month!

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