Of Bahurupis, Us, and “Afghan Girl”

So what does a Bengali author who is currently based in Columbus, Ohio do?

She does what she is destined to do…learn, discover, broaden her creative horizons, stretch her intellectual capabilities, and grace aaduna’s pages with her poetry.
Torsa Ghosal (photo provided)

Torsa Ghosal weaves thematic stories in the poetic tradition to captivate and embrace her readers.  She brings a sense of intrigue and subtle mystery to the interactions of her characters.  And I know you are wondering about the term “Bahurupi.”  Ms. Ghosal states, “Bahurupis are quick-change folk artists who beg on the streets of Bengal, India.”  

To whet your appetite for what is to come, enjoy the first few opening stanzas of “Bahurupi or Polymorphous:”

When the bus brakes on National Highway 34 between
Calcutta & Berhampore I decide to worship Lakshmi
because I would have the owl, her mount, bring wealth.

Running long hauls that stray dogs out of breath
I long to sit cross-legged on a lotus in a eutrophic lake.
From the goddess, I will learn poise.

But he comes dressed as Shiva, as always sour blue
paint streams along the jute sideburns pasted on his
face, sun-bitten I imagine like a stone fruit.

His arm stretched as a kingdom on the river peak
breaks at the elbow under the weight of alms. 
Noon sounds his ankle bells.

We are excited that Torsa Ghosal is now a part of the aaduna community!

Look for her poetry in the summer 2016 issue coming to you at the end of the month.

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