Four for the Fourth…Get Involved !!!!!

The fourth month of the calendar year is April. 

April is National Poetry Month. 

To resonate with numbers, “aadunanotes,” the official blog for the literary and visual arts journal, aaduna, will host and post four poems/day for every day of the fourth month.  That is 120 poems made available to our global, multicultural reading public.  120 poems to be discovered, enjoyed, and discussed.  120 poems that can be shared via social media.  You can make this happen. 


Empower "aadunanotes" to be the platform for you to share your poem with the 97 countries within our current reach.  

To be involved, the process is simple. 

Your poem can be published or unpublished.  No overall theme. No review and decision making.  One poem/poet.  First come, first served to gain an available slot.  Your poem should be submitted as a Word.doc with your name and residential locale (City, State or region/Country) in the top left corner. (No pdf.)  Please use Times New Roman font, 12 font size.  Each poem will be posted exactly as formatted. 

We strongly encourage a current “selfie” to accompany your poem (though not a requirement,) and that photo will be placed next to the poem. (Submit photo as a jpg file.)

Send your poem to, and put "4 x 4" in the subject line.

We will acknowledge receipt of the poem up to 120 poems. Please submit your poem as soon as possible, and  no later than March 12, 2017.

Four for the Fourth.  Celebrate National Poetry Month!

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