Times gone by…

The world is getting ready to celebrate and venture into another new year.  Some folks will be boisterous, some contemplative, others will party in clubs while many will be participating in public activities along with thousands of other revelers.  And there will be some people who will bring in the new year at home watching world-wide celebrations on TV, having a favorite libation, and probably munching on specialty hors d’oeuvres.  So… 

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?      

At aaduna, we continue to recognize our winter 2017-18 contributors and hope you follow their full-length work when the issue is launched in a few weeks.  Whatever you plan to do or are doing, let Frank Heather and Denise R. Ervin engulf your spirit. Here is a snippet from Heather’s “XI.”

Frank Heather (photo provided


scene 11: she demands to know
why he must record everything:

*          *          *          *

pallid oleander stroke so formal
political dreamfilm

yellow rice & black beans
every friday watching Turner Classic

marijuana growing in the backyard
sour cream cake in the oven

the gods smile vulnerably down
at our platitudes for survival

Denise Ervin (photo provided)

Here is the opening to Ervin’s “BE WITCHED”

Her home is a worn floorboard.
The skin on her knees split apart like her womanhood.
Her nature taken from her
before she had the chance to turn it around in her hands,
to hold herself in something other than contempt.
Her identity reduced to the space between her thighs,
each entry reminiscent of a cauldron,
bewitching that which needed no transformation.


Times gone by…memories, past experiences, reflections, understandings set aside in special places.  We now venture forward into a new year as we recognize Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns who penned his global treasure in 1788.  Listen.  Be safe and have fun on the last day and night of 2017.    

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