What a silly question ?

aaduna pen and ink art
"Question" pen and ink illustration (c) 1990 by artist, CAC from the private collection of bill berry, Jr.

Is there someone in your life who you have known for years but your memory can no longer register how you initially met that person?  You explore the nooks and crannies of memory but that specific moment or occurrence continues to elude you.  And then, at some point, you tuck your embarrassment in your back pocket and finally ask the person, “Do you remember how we first met; how you came into my life?”

This scenario is my situation with noted poet, writer, and visual artist, Rachael Z. Ikins. Ms. Ikins has presented her work in aaduna; read at the third annual aaduna fundraiser celebrating the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance.  I have seen her read at different venues in central New York, and commented on her published work. I read Totems: Tales from the Edge of the Woods, her novel published in 2016 by Downtown Books Publishing, as well as her recent poetry chapbook, “Just Two Girls” published last year by Clare Songbirds Publishing House.  But ask me, how we first met, and I draw a blank!

Thursday, April 26 at 6PM in Cayuga Museum’s Carriage House Theater my memory lapse will change.

Rachael Ikins (photo provided)

Rachael Z. Ikins will be the featured speaker at the bi-monthly “word, revisited” literary series sponsored by Cayuga Museum, Olive Trees and aaduna.

I expect Ms. Ikins will re-visit her diverse range of poetry, novel excerpts and share new work.  She will participate in aaduna’s “Avenues on Wednesday,” a year-long celebration of poetry on August 29th with two unpublished poems, “Underground” and “Some Magic & Mystery: waiting for a heart to beat." She was informed this week that she is a first prize honoree and Honorable Mention for two poems in a country-wide National League of American Pen Women (NLAPN) competition. And not to rest on her laurels, Rachael submitted work to be considered for the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Festival 2018 that will be held in mid-July 2018 in Okemah, Oklahoma.  This festival, which is free and open to the public,  encompasses and features poetry readings along with the music that defined Guthrie’s life work.

So come out and welcome Rachael Ikins to “word, revisited” on April 26th and maybe, just maybe, hear how we initially met!

Admission to “word, revisited” is $3/person with wine, beer, snacks, and soft drinks available for purchase.  There is an open mic period after the featured presentation, Q&A, and brief intermission.  Sign up for the open mic session starts at 5:30 PM.  The Carriage House Theater is located behind the museum at 203 Genesee Street in Auburn, NY.        

The Cayuga Museum of History and Art, in partnership with Olive Trees and aaduna, is continuing a program dedicated to writers and writing. “word, revisited” is a bimonthly, community program exploring original writing in all its diverse, intriguing, provocative, and exciting forms.

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