When brilliance has no bounds


When aaduna, Inc. established its Board of Directors, Sheila Applegate was an inaugural member and that was back in 2010. When aaduna launched its first issue in February 2011, Tamara Madison was an inaugural contributor.  

Over the years, aaduna has collaborated with Ms. Applegate on a variety of public activities, and Ms. Madison...well, from poetry readings and workshops, Tamara has been an inspiration to what we do and how we present poets/writers to the public. And interestingly, aaduna has published the work of both of these extraordinary, talented, and creative women. 

So, here is the deal. 

Make a cup of tea; get another cup of coffee, or prepare your end of the day libation. Curl up in your favorite chair and click on this link. You will enjoy!

Stay safe. 




  1. Thank you for your kind words. I so enjoyed my time dancing in the divine with Tamara. Always grateful for the many gifts and friendships I have received through my connection to aaduna.


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