Hump Day deserves something to excite. and make it more than just the middle of the week

OK, for those readers who do not know why Wednesday is referred to as hump day, don’t look to me for that answer. LOL. Why the terminology?  Dunno…maybe someone can research the rationale and send it to me.  I will share.  Anyway, my individual perspective and guess is that Wednesday has been relegated to a ho-hum middle of the week day status, and it lacks the pizazz{good or bad} that may permeate other days of the week.  Without offending anyone, it may be like how some folks assess the status of middle children in the family when they are being honest.

At aaduna, each and every day is our opportunity to excite and create adventures for the mind by using words and images that are wrapped in universal themes of human expression. 

We welcome contributors Sandhya Acharya and Wandeka Gayle to aaduna’s summer 2017 issue. 

Sandhya Acharya (photo provided)

Sandhya resides in Santa Clara, California and joins a distinguished list of Californian writers and poets whose work found home with aaduna.  She will have two fiction pieces in the summer issue and here is the opening to her story, “Daffodils:”

t was the middle of school year. Mala’s family had just moved to the little obscure town of Belgaum in the interiors of India. The only school within walking distance was the vernacular one. This was her last year at school, the most important one since it would determine admissions to college. But unfortunately, this became the hardest year of her entire school life. The medium of instruction in her new school was Kannada whereas she had been studying in an English medium school until then. Every class was now a battle – especially science and math. The concepts didn’t make sense, she had to read everything twice. Since she read Kannada really slowly, this, of course, took a very long time. Needless to say, with all the re-reading, Mala didn’t get much time to make any friends.

Her other fiction piece is titled “Lemons, Sweet Lemons for you!”  Here is the opening snippet:

t was a dreadful monsoon day when I first met Suman Bai. The sky was filled with engulfing darkness. The clouds battled each other and showered their war-weary visceral on us hapless mortals below. Finding no outlet in the clogged city, the water had risen in several low-lying areas and swept the city into disarray. But, in spite of the monsoon fury, the people of Mumbai went about their daily chores. No flood or storm could keep them from seizing the day. It is said that there is a spirit of Mumbai – Mumbra Devi- that is alive here. It is this spirit probably that goads its people to keep going – to keep walking even when their shoulders fall and feet fail. And the spirit happens to burn the strongest in the stomachs of the hungry.


Wandeka Gayle (photo provided)

Wandeka Gayle resides in Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States.  If you follow world news, you know that her state is in the path of hurricane, thunderstorm, and flood creator given the name Harvey.  Harvey has devastated several parts of Texas and his wake has left record rainfall, flooding and death.  We hope Wandeka, as well as her family and neighbors successfully “weather” the storm and stay safe.  On a different note that may seem trivial in the wake of another natural disaster facing Louisiana (remember Katrina,) a few months ago, Ms. Gayle agreed to enable aaduna to give a home to her story, “The Encounter.”  Here is her opening paragraph and next line.

ichel Badeau looked down on his son smearing red crayon in jagged strokes across a crudely drawn face but he didn’t really see the little boy. He sat in his armchair thinking about Marisol, how he had been so certain he had seen her walking across the road to Dillard's earlier that day. He still grasped the dry-cleaned shirts his wife had asked him to pick up and he had run after her, the plastic bags flapping and his chest constricting with excitement. He had bellowed at the woman, planted hands on her shoulders and spun her around to find an unfamiliar face. 
Perhaps he thought of her so much lately his mind had conjured her right there in the street.


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