When less words say more than what we think…

We all know folks who use far too many words to detail a situation that best requires paucity and sharpness…a clarity of thought.
Sometimes, saying less is saying more especially when  those words evoke deep seeded feelings and convey a range of emotions.  There are summer contributors that say less and mean more.

Selena Oquendo (photo provided)

Selena Oquendo will have three pieces in the forthcoming issue.  Here is a snippet from “Flame.”

i laid in the dark for a cold and lonely emptiness. there was a burning red flame that was up in the desolate darkness; i tried to reach out for her but my arms were weak with worry of being burned with her beauty.


Margarita Serafimova (photo provided)

Margarita Serafimova resides in Bulgaria where she conjures imagery through poetic lines that are terse, fleeting, and enables our imagination to soar and think not only about possibilities but the unimaginable.  With three brief untitled pieces in the summer issue, here is the second piece.

Beautiful as science is your song,
and invincible.
Grasses become feathers, and fly.


Ojo Taiye (photo provided)

Ojo Taiye resides in Agbor, Delta State in Nigeria and two of his poems will be published in the summer issue.  

i have learned to be content
with my orange teeth and salty skin

behold the absence of grief on my face
i don't have to be a river overflowing

with regrets


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