When Familiarity leads to discovery…

We all know the deal. We go through a variety of ongoing and routine experiences or have objects that have become all too familiar. We expect things to be the same…we cherish the familiarity and do not pay much, if any, attention to the familiar in our lives and the mundane nuances that serve as everyday occurrences as we go about the routine “banality” of our days and evenings.

And then…without warning…BAM!


We observe and see something; realize something new, different and intriguing. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we start to see the familiar with new insights. Regardless when it happens, when we make that discovery, the familiar is no longer familiar

Now, we also know we tend to put creatives in the same familiar mold. We expect their ongoing work to remain grounded in what has become familiar to us. We lock those creative minds into a “cellblock” since we are most comfortable with sameness, and we know that difference can be foreboding and all too often disrupt what we have become use to. Then.

Creatives burst from their pre-existing modalities and explode a new and different direction. Familiarity is challenged.

Michael Lee Johnson, aaduna contributor, photo on file

Michael Lee Johnson, publisher, writer and a person with contemporary “renaissance” sensibilities has consistently produced work that takes his readers and fans down different undiscovered roads and pathways. It is hard to put him a familiar mode.  He continues to explore interesting topics and weave poetic words, phrases and rhythms with his latest contributions to aaduna, as well as with other publications.

“Old Men Walk Funny” and “Canadian Seasons, Exiled Poet” continues Michael’s association with aaduna, while he continues to earn national awards and honors. In our forthcoming issue, Johnson’s work will expand and permeate our consciousness, and challenge us to abandon our sense of creative familiarity.

You should look forward to the coming aaduna issue with anticipation. That issue will present words and artwork that will burst forth with invigorating perspectives to pleasantly disrupt your sense of familiarity.

And there will be other contributors we will present to you over the next several days.

Anticipation and Excitement.

Oh my!

* * * * *

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